What are the key elements involved in producing a successful promotional film or video? The film should transmit the brand identity defined within your business (the company brand or product brand) through visual language with the aim of strengthening your brand image with your specified target audience or raising awareness of the brand.



A brand arises from a process of anchoring the company, its products and its services in people’s minds on a long-term basis by means of positive experiences and associations. A brand can be meaningful for the company as a corporate brand or for the product as a product brand.

Once a brand has been established, the aim should be to develop the brand in a consistent way. Marketing plays a decisive role in strengthening or establishing brand awareness. As this is a process that takes place predominantly in the person’s mind (or psyche), media that are good at stimulating both an auditory and visual response, such as the moving images found in films and videos, are particularly effective here. In the viewer’s mind, the aim should be to evoke positive associations with the brand, such as reliability, trustworthiness and brand consistency.


A brand identity expresses what a brand stands for. It includes the essential and significant characteristics of a brand. Unlike brand image in the sense of an external image in the minds of the audiences being addressed, a brand identity represents the image of the brand from the company’s point of view.

Having a clear definition of your brand identity is a prerequisite for creating a brand image. In addition, it is important to clearly define whether the focus is on a corporate brand or a product brand, as the audiences being addressed will be different. With a product brand, the primary focus consists of the customers as well as employees and intermediaries.

The brand identity represents the way in which the owner of the brand wants its brand – its company or product – to be perceived.


The brand image incorporates all associations formed in the human mind with the characteristics assigned to the brand by the mind. The brand image refers to the external perception – the image that customers and viewers have of a brand. A positive brand image will result from a continuous process of boosting the awareness and attractiveness of the brand.

Seen in this way, the harmonisation of the defined brand identity (company, brand) and the brand image perceived from the outside (in terms of reliability, trustworthiness and consistency) is of decisive importance if a brand is to enjoy strong awareness levels.


The promotional film has the aim of transmitting your corporate identity and/or brand identity in visual terms in such a way that the images involved work to positively reinforce the customer’s or viewer’s associations with the brand.

For this to happen, the company will need to explicitly work out this information and share it with us at at the start of the discussions for the drawing up of a storyboard. Only when we are familiar with your brand identity can we produce a promotional film for you that enhances the image of your brand and boosts its related positive associations in the sense of increasing the brand awareness and attractiveness.