INTRODUCTION’s director has many years of experience from working at Arte TV in Strasbourg and at WDR in Cologne, as media director for a global corporation, and as a freelancer for ten years. She currently works with more than 1,500 companies, producing promotional films for medical practices, physiotherapists, tax consultants, investment bankers, lawyers, roofing companies, garden design companies and alternative energy producers; promotional films for charities, circuses and childcare facilities; and promotional films for SMEs, large companies and trade fair organisers.


Before planning the key stage of your promotional film, writing the script or storyboard, and starting to shoot your promotional film, you should think about some basic issues in relation to your promotional film. You should consider carefully which of your aims are actually feasible and what budget you have available. A detailed internal briefing will simplify the writing of your script/storyboard and save on unnecessary costs. will advise you from the very start of the process. will draw up your script/storyboard based on your specifications and in consultation with you.


If you would like to have a more product-oriented promotional film, the film should be produced within your company. Interviews should involve you and your employees. You won’t need any foreign-language speakers or a translation into other languages.

Filming will take one day; you can arrange the production so that there are no obstacles to the filming process, the areas being filmed are well lit, all employees being interviewed are present on the day concerned and there is no need for aerial drone recordings or slide cameras. Your promotional film can also be organised cost-effectively using only two camera operators, with no studio hire, no additional lighting, no on-site sound technicians, no fees for actors or foreign-language speakers, no accommodation costs, catering, and so on.


Perhaps you would like to have a promotional film produced that is more similar in style to a commercial. Above, we have listed a number of factors that can influence the price of your promotional film.


The sad fact is that needlessly expensive prices are quoted for many promotional film productions. can produce your promotional film in a cost-effective way with no loss of quality. After an initial discussion with you to establish all of the details, we calculate a fixed-price quotation for your promotional film production, based on the script/storyboard we have drawn up and decided in consultation with you. Any subsequent additional costs or special services not discussed before the start of filming and set down in the script will need to be billed separately. However, we will inform you in writing before providing our services and only carry out filming after gaining your written consent.

A promotional film is like a tailored suit. When you have been measured for your suit, specified the type of suit you want and the fabric and quality of cloth, then the work involved and the price for making your suit can be calculated.


The promotional film should be produced in 4K quality so that it can be reused in the future either in its entirety or in part. The image stabilisation and zoom levels, editing, type of dubbing required, integration of animations, effects and the length of the post-production process will determine the costs for your promotional film. uses royalty-free music. This means you incur no charges for the music used.

Simply give us a quick call at if you would like to start planning your promotional film. We’ll be by your side from the concept stage through to the completion of your film.